About HivNorway

HivNorway is a national organisation committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of people infected with and affected by HIV, as well as combating the spread of HIV and Aids. HivNorway is a member organisation, and membership is open to all interested parties, both individuals and civil society organisations involved with HIV and Aids.

Our objectives are:
To secure the rights and safeguard the interests of people infected with and affected by HIV at all levels of society, and to ensure that their interests are taken into account by decision makers, or health and social security agencies.
 - to combat fear, prejudice and discrimination, and create greater public awareness of people infected by HIV.
 - to educate about HIV and how it is transmitted and not transmitted.
 - to empower people infected with and effected by HIV and Aids so they can deal positively with their physical, emotional, and financial issues.
 - to enable people infected with HIV to improve their quality of life, so they can live with dignity and exercise self determination.
 - to collaborate withthe world in response to the pandemic, in particular with sister organisations.
Indiviudal counselling is one of out major tasks. HivNorway offers counselling and guidance to people directly affected by HIV/Aids, particularly concerning rights in health care, social security and workplace matters. We also provide counselling and advice for professionals about living with HIV and other issues realted to HIV, like rights and obligations for people living with HIV/Aids..

Feel free to contact us if you
 - have a legal problem related to your HIV status
 - have problems with social security rights, health or dental services, or have been discriminated against because of your HIV status
 - are a professional and need information about living with HIV, or any other issue related to HIV like rights and obligations of people living with HIV and Aids
 - have queries about how HIV is transmitted
 - like to volunteer
 - need advice about HIV testing
- need someone to talk to
One of the main tasks of HivNorway is to contribute to raising public awareness about HIV and Aids. Awareness about the social situation for people living with HIV is an important factor in safeguarding the rights of HIV positive persons. Information about the prevention of HIV infection is crucial in curbing the epidemic.

HivNorway also work in partnership with others in challenging public authorities and civil society to take responsibility for improving the siutation for people living with HIV and Aids.

We raise awareness by:
 - lobbying politicians and other decision makers
 - contributing to the public discourse on HIV/Aids
 - publishing the quartely magazine "POSITIV"
 - publishing brochures, leaflets, and other materials
 - providing information through the internet and other social media
 - conducting lectures about HIV and Aids
 - visiting schools, colleges, asylym centres and other public institutions
 - educating and counselling health professionals

Remember: Confidentiality is guaranteed.