Are you living with HIV?

If you are a resident in Norway and living with HIV you are entitled to free medical care and dental care. You should also be aware of some of your other rights. Below is a shortlist of issues you should be aware of. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Medical care: Medical consultation and treatment related to HIV is free. Please refer to more details.

Dental treatment: If you are diagnosed with HIV, you are entitled to compensation for infection-preventative dental treatment from you dentist.

Work place: Discrimination based on your HIV status is illegal. You are not obliged to reveal your status to your employer or future employer, and you cannot be fired for living with HIV or Aids.

Infecting others: Under current laws, it is an offence for a person who knows that he or she is HIV-infected, to expose another person to the risk of becoming infected. Sections 237 and 238 of the Penal Code allows for up to six years imprisonment if found guilty. Being charged for breaking Sections 237 and 238 entitles you to free legal aid (a lawyer).

Rights and responsibilities: As an HIV positive person you are subject to the Infectious Disease Control Act (Smittevernloven), which gives you both rights and responsibilities. Apart from medical and dental care, you are entitled to assistance to prevent you from transmitting the virus to another person, including adequate access to condoms and clean needles. It may also include sufficient support for housing, education, employment or rehabilitation. These rights do not necessarily mean that all assistance is free of charge.