Medical care for people living with HIV and Aids

If you are a Norwegian resident and diagnosed with HIV, you are entitled to free medical care for everything related to your diagnosis. This includes both consultation fees and access to appropriate treatment.

Every person living in this country have the right to proper health services. The Patient’s Rights Act (pasientrettighetsloven) states that you can choose your own doctor, your own hospital and that you have the right to see your own medical journal. You are also entitled to proper information about your diagnosis and health status, including possible risks and side effects of your treatment or examinations. If you feel your rights have not been properly cared for, you may launch a complaint with the Patient ombudsman (Pasient- og Brukerombudet) in your home county.

As an HIV positive person you also have access to psychological help at no extra cost. A referral from your general practitioner (fastlege) is necessary and you must make an appointment with an approved specialist in clinical psychology who has an agreement with the municipality.

Additional regulations apply if HIV related expenses are not covered by the heath system. These expenses can be covered by the social welfare office. Such extra expenses can be bedding and night clothes due to night sweating, creams, ointments, or other skin products for eczema or extra dry skin. Extra dental expenses not covered by the National Health System can also be covered by the Social Welfare System.