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→ The outpatient clinic at Oslo hospital Ullevål is closed

The outpatient clinic at Oslo Universitetsykehus Ullevål closes for HIV patients, both for blood samples and doctor’s or nurses’ appointments. For patients who was supposed to renew their prescription at a regular appointment, your prescription will be automatically renewed electronically and can be collected at your pharmacy.


→ HIV medication subject to tenders

The Norwegian parliament has decided that medicines supplied through the hospitals shall be subject to a tender in order to reduce costs. This also applies to drugs for treating HIV infection. Hospitals are obliged to prioritize those medicines that won the tender. The HIV treatment that has the first priority, is called emtricitabine/tenofovirdisoproxil from [medical company] Accord and darunavir/kobicistat (Rezolsta) from [medical company] Jansse


→ HIV and the Penal Code

Section 237 of the Penal Code was amended by the Norwegian Parliament in June 2017. The Act now clearly states that a person living with HIV and having taken adequate steps to prevent transmission, like using a condom or being on successful ART treatment, cannot be prosecuted.


→ About HIV/AIDS

HIV is an abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is a virus that attacks certain immune system cells. When the virus enters the body it breaks down parts of the body’s defence mechanism that usually fight bacteria, viral and fungal infections.


→ HIV/AIDS in Norway

In Norway the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV are stipulated in the Infectious Disease Control Act. This applies to everyone residing in Norway, including tourists and people without legal residence.


→ The HIV test

To find out if you have an HIV infection you must take an HIV test. This test can tell you if your body has made antibodies to fight HIV. A positive test shows that these antibodies are present and this means you have been infected with HIV.

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