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About HivNorway
HivNorway is an independent, national patient organisation committed to safeguarding the rights of people affected by HIV and working to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS. HivNorway is a membership organisation, and membership is open to all interested parties, both individuals and civil society organisations associated with HIV and AIDS.

HivNorway offers individual counselling and guidance to people directly affected by HIV/AIDS, particularly concerning rights in health care, social security and workplace matters. We also provide counselling and advice for professionals about living with HIV and other issues related to HIV, like rights and obligations for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Feel free to contact us if you:

  • have a legal problem related to your HIV status.
  • have problems related to social security rights, health or dental services, or have been discriminated against because of your HIV status.
  • are a professional and need information about living with HIV.
  • have queries about how HIV is transmitted.
  • would like to volunteer.
  • need advice about HIV testing.
  • need someone to talk to.

One of our main tasks is to contribute to raising public awareness about HIV and AIDS. Awareness about the social situation for people living with HIV is an important factor in safeguarding their rights and interests. Information about the prevention and treatment of HIV is key in preventing further spread of the virus.

HivNorway also work in partnership with others in challenging public authorities and civil society to take responsibility for improving the situation for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Remember: Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Kontakt oss

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