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HIV/AIDS in Norway

In Norway the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV are stipulated in the Infectious Disease Control Act. This applies to everyone residing in Norway, including tourists and people without legal residence.

scheduleOppdatert: 23.03.2018

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Medical care
People living with HIV are entitled to free medical care for everything related to their diagnosis. This applies to everyone residing in Norway, including tourists and people without legal residence. Free medical care includes free essential treatment for the HIV infection, assistance to avoid transmitting the infection, and preventative dental care. Consult a dentist to find out if your needs are covered. People living with HIV are also entitled to free psychological help. A referral from your general practitioner (fastlege) is necessary and you must make an appointment with an approved specialist in clinical psychology who has an agreement with the municipality.

Every person living in this country have the right to proper health services. The Patient’s Rights Act (pasientrettighetsloven) states that you can choose your own doctor, your own hospital and that you have the right to see your own medical journal. You are also entitled to proper information about your diagnosis and health status, including possible risks and side effects of your treatment or examinations. If you feel your rights have not been properly cared for, you may launch a complaint with the Patient ombudsman (Pasient- og brukerombudet) in your home county.

Additional regulations apply if HIV related expenses are not covered by the health system. These expenses may be covered by the social welfare office. Extra dental expenses not covered by the National Health System may be covered by the Social Welfare System.

Rights and responsibilities
As an HIV positive person you are subject to the Infectious Disease Control Act (smittevernloven), which gives you both rights and responsibilities. Apart from medical and dental care, you are entitled to assistance to prevent you from transmitting the virus to another person, including adequate access to condoms and clean needles. It may also include sufficient support for housing, education, employment or rehabilitation. These rights do not necessarily mean that all assistance is free of charge.

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