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Updates from the outpatient clinic at Ullevål

The outpatient clinic for infectious diseases at OUS will only function digitally from today Friday the 13th of March. The clinic will be closed for most patients for the time being. This is how it works:

scheduleOppdatert: 21.03.2020

createForfatter: Sekretariatet


Patients living with HIV will receive text messages from the clinic with information saying that both their blood tests and consultations are cancelled. Your doctor will still see the appointment, read your journal and check prior blood test results and other notes from your last check-up. The doctor will refill your prescription electronically, write a note in your journal and book a new check-up for you. If it is necessary, your doctor will call you directly. You can read the notes in your journal online by logging onto MinJournal.

There will be a secretary, a nurse and a doctor present at the clinic every day. In special circumstances, patients will be able to make an appointment at the outpatient clinic. It these cases it is best to walk/ride a bike or use your private car to get there. Department Head and Doctor Bente Magny Bergersen ask that we understand that they now need to prioritise patients infected by the Corona virus. Close to all of the clinics’ patients living with HIV are well treated and there is no need to worry that some time will pass before your annual blood test.

New prescription
Check your remaining supply of HIV medications. If you have enough medication for the next two – three months there is no need to collect more in the following weeks. The pharmacy Apotek1 i Storgata has access to all treatments for HIV and can order more on short notice.

Your prescription will be renewed automatically if you had a scheduled appointment in the weeks to come. If there has been a mistake with your renewal or it you need a new prescription for any other reason please contact us at HivNorway and we will put you in contact with the outpatient clinic at Ullevål.

When the doctor has renewed your prescription you will be notified that there is a new note in your medical journal. Log on to, choose the tab Patient Journal and then the correct region. For patients at Ullevål this will be Helse Sør-Øst (South Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority). You can also see your prescriptions by choosing the tab Medication.

If you have any issues acquiring medication/refilling your prescription, they will be able to assist you Apotek1 i Storgata even if you are not a regular client of theirs. Bring the container your medication bearing your name and they will so they can help you get the right medication. If you are a patient at OUS you can also call them to order medications sent to your home, even if you live outside Oslo.

All pharmacies will be able to send you your medications through the post if you prefer to remain at home or if you are under quarantine. Please contact your pharmacy directly for more information.

Please contact us at HivNorway if you have questions about have this works. You can reach us by email or by calling 920 16 892.

Foreign citizens that need a prescription.
If you are not a patient at a Norwegian hospital, but cannot leave the country and need medications for HIV, call us at HivNorway at +47 21 31 45 80 or +47 920 16 892 and we will put you in contact with the outpatient clinic at Ullevål. They will assist you in acquiring treatment.

Corona and HIV.
HivNorway have been getting inquiries about HIV being an additional risk for getting Covid-19/Corona virus infection, and for the infection to be severe. The department for infectious diseases at Ullevål University Hospital says that HIV gives no additional risks in connection to Covid-19/Corona virus infection.

Please contact us at HivNorway if you have questions you are not getting answers to at the Norwegian Institute for Public Health. We are in close dialogue with the outpatient clinic at OUS and if you have medical questions we will confer with the doctors there and answer you as soon as possible.

Read the Norwegian Institute for Public Health’s advice and information concerning the Corona virus infection in Norway.

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